Teresa Rushing

Teresa Rushing is a life-long resident of Arlington Texas. She graduated from Arlington High School in the class of 1997. A recipient of the Principal’s Award, Teresa was also honored as “Best Thespian” in her senior year. Teresa carried her passion for Theatre Arts into college, where she double majored in Theatre Arts as well as Computer Science.

Fresh out of college, Teresa’s professional career began quite humbly working in the mail room for a major airline. What began as a simple “stepping stone job” evolved into a life-long passion and career in airline operations and management. Her career in the airline industry has spanned across 2 major airlines and has seen 7 unique operational departments, 2 mergers, and 1 bankruptcy.

Currently, Teresa works as an Analyst in the Crew Tracking department for American Airlines, where she is responsible for providing time sensitive analysis of Flight Crew performance, ultimately determining the safe, legal and efficient operation of every flight in her region.

Teresa spends nearly all of her time outside of work with her family – her daughter, a 9 year old honor student and Girl Scout, and her loving, supporting boyfriend of 4 years. When not helping her daughter sell cookies or earn her next merit badge, Teresa’s hobbies include traveling, running, and debating political issues with her father who is president of the Republican Club in Wood County. Her current extra-curricular occupations include Troop Cookie Chair, Treasurer for Tarrant County Libertarian Party, and one of the founding members of Citizens for a Better Arlington.
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